Who are you?

We're a group of friends who decided this would be a fun event to organize. We're jump-starting it, but Nametag Day belongs to everyone! If you put on a nametag, you're part of the team.

See the meet us page for our names and faces.

What are you selling?

Nothing. Not even t-shirts.

Nametag Day is entirely non-commercial, staffed by volunteers, and no people or organizations will profit financially from the event. All funds raised go to nametags, markers and other logistics costs.

And we all profit from the day! We want people to make new friends, learn new things, and share a few extra smiles.

Can I use Nametag Day to promote my personal event or product?

Because we are non-commercial, we ask everyone volunteering for the event to avoid incorporating advertising in their volunteer shifts in any way. (Even wearing the same shirt or hat can imply an ulterior motive and be enough to turn off passersby.)

We do accept donations and other forms of sponsorship, and will recognize them graciously on our website and other platforms.

Who is helping make Nametag Day happen?

You! Every person who volunteers, donates money, wears a nametag, or spreads the word contributes to making Nametag Day a reality.

We are especially grateful to The Awesome Foundation, nametag.com and NYC Social Sports Club for their generous contributions.

How can I start my own Nametag Day?

Anyone can celebrate Nametag Day, wherever you are -- just wear a nametag! If you'd like to conduct a larger event, we request that you follow these core principles of Nametag Day:

Nametag Day Core Principles

  1. Non-commercial. Anything ranging from direct sales to implicit advertising is against the spirit of Nametag Day. Participants are expected to go to extra lengths to appear non-commercial, which means not wearing the same hats or shirts, etc. However, if you are already inside a store, conference, or other commercial event, it's totally fine to add nametags to it.
  2. Open and radically participatory. Nametag Day does not discriminate and anyone should be welcome to join.
  3. Free. You may raise funds any way -- through grants, private donations, or fundraisers. However, the actual nametags should be free to all.
  4. For its own sake. The spirit of Nametag Day is to encourage openness, connection, and spontaneous fun. That's it, nothing more.

We'll recognize you as the official Nametag Day in a city, which gives you a static page on our website, if you can reach and document the following milestones:

  • Have at least three people working together and demonstrate that you have the ability to run the event.
  • Develop a detailed logistical plan for the organization of volunteers and distribution of nametags
  • Raise at least $1,000 (or equivalent value in your country.) Receive at least two mentions in local press
  • Make every effort to integrate and coordinate with those in your city interested in Nametag Day or other Nametag Day groups in your city

    What can I do to support Nametag Day?

    You can volunteer, donate money or supplies, and spread the word.

    We’re on Facebook and Twitter but the best place to send people is nametagday.com.

    If you’re a member of the press, want to organize an Nametag Day performance or event, or have organizing experience and want to assist with logistics, please get in touch.

    What if I want to keep celebrating Nametag Day?

    Nametag Day doesn’t stop at 5pm. We hope that you will continue to acknowledge the people who make up your world. Smile and reply, “It’s okay” next time someone bumps you on the Muni. Say hello to that shy coworker.

    Hey, wasn’t there a Seinfeld episode about this?

    You're right, there was! We think Mayor Dinkins was ahead of his time.

    What happens to leftover markers and nametags?

    Any unused nametags and markers will be donated to local community art projects or saved for next year.

    If you want your program to be a recipient of those leftover supplies, contact us to set up a phone interview.

    Cost Breakdown

    We believe in opaque nametags and transparent financials! Here's our cost breakdown for 2013:

    Total Raised: $3636.35

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